Record number GP77
        Simple name gansey pattern
        Full name double cable & moss stitch & vertical & indigenous
        Other name unknown Sheringham fisherman double coil o' rope and hailstones
        Named collection Tim Groves Collection
        Classified name 4.151.721
            System SHIC
        Brief description Gansey pattern, Sheringham unknown fisherman double coil o' rope and hailstones, 1890s
        Nature wearer
        Person fisherman :
        Place & Sheringham & Norfolk
        Activity fishing
        Date 1890 = 1899
        Method hand knitted
        Person knitter :
        Date 1890 = 1899 (c)
        Place & Sheringham & Norfolk (?)
        Technical data  
            Note3 tension
        Simple name photograph (carte de visit)
        Full name  
        Reference number  
        Note Tim Groves Collection, Photo by Lothian Brothers, Art Studio, Freeman Street, Grimsby
        Reference number  
        Type digitised image
        Type digitised image
        Reference number  
        Result pattern chart
        Person charted by : Warren, Martin
        Person swatch knitted by : Smith, Val
        Date 9.1.2022
        Reference number GP77_chart.pdf
        Type sampler
        Corporate body for :
        Person knitted by :
        Date requested  
    Documentation group  
        Link shering.html
    Recorder Warren, Martin : 23.12.2021
    Documentation group