Record number GP71
    Related record GP96
        Simple name gansey pattern
        Full name cables & seeds and bars & garter stitch & commercial
        Other name James 'Duggie' Carter's cables, seeds and bars gansey
        Named collection  
        Classified name 4.151.721
            System SHIC
        Brief description Gansey pattern, Duggie Carter's cables and seed stitch gansey; photographed in King's Lynn, 1905; a commercially hand-knitted garment most likely bought at a marine outfitters (that is, not a community-made gansey or native King's Lynn pattern).
        Nature wearer
        Person fisherman : Carter, James Edward Bouch "Duggie"
        Place North End & King's Lynn & Norfolk
            Site name Tilden Smith public house
        Activity fishing
        Date 1905
        Method hand knitted
        Person knitter :
            Birth date  
            Birth place  
            Death date  
            Death place  
        Date 1905 (pre)
            Note3 Given that the gansey seen in the photograph has a hole at the neck it is not new, so could have been knitted around 1900 or earlier. The left-hand thread to the cable is more typical for Norfolk, as opposed to the right-hand three normally used in Yorkshire. It is apparently a commercial pattern as an identical example has also been seen on a wherryman in a photograph (see GP96).
        Technical data 7.2 spi
            Note3 tension (estimated; 5-ply worsted)
        Simple name photograph
        Full name newspaper article
        Reference number
        Note Eastern Daily Press. Photo with singer Thomas Anderson (left), James 'Duggie' Carter and Rev Edward Edwards (right) in the 'Tilden Smith' public house, King's Lynn where Ralph Vaughan Williams listened to their singing and collected the folk songs
            Institution3 EDP
        Type digitised image
            Institution3 EDP
        Type digitised image
        Result pattern chart
        Person charted by : Warren, Martin
        Person swatch knitted by :
        Reference number GP71_chart.pdf
        Type copy
        Corporate body for : True's Yard Museum
        Person knitted by : Midgley, Pat
        Date requested 1988 (?)
    Documentation group  
        Link lynn.html
    Recorder Warren, Martin : 22.5.2021
    Documentation group  
    Notes Perhaps the most famous gansey associated with King's Lynn, promoted by Pat Midgeley who founded True's Yard and a gansey she charted and knitted which is on display at the entrance today (2011). There may well have been ganseys knitted in the North End of King's Lynn but apparently, this is not one of them, as an identical pattern also appears on a wherrymen (GP96), who plied his trade on the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads