Record number GP52
        Simple name gansey pattern
        Full name diamonds & herringbone & vertical & indigenous
        Other name Jack Martins' meshes and herringbone gansey (fisherman #1)
        Classified name 4.151.721
            System SHIC
        Brief description Gansey pattern, hand knitted meshes and herringbone gansey worn by Jack Martins (son of Jacob see GP64), in a studio photograph of 12 Sheringham fishermen, back row no. 1
        Nature wearer
        Person fisherman :
        Place & Sheringham & Norfolk
        Activity fishing
        Date 1900 (c)
        Method hand knitted
        Person knitter :
        Date 1900 (pre)
        Place & Sheringham & Norfolk
        Technical data 10.4 spi, 14.8 rpi
            Note3 tension (estimated)
        Note Probably knitted by his mother.
        Note Meshes 7 x 13; herringbone 8 x 13 = 195. Plus 2 seams stitches x 5 (front and back) = 400 sts. Cast on 400 sts. Measuring of photo at life-size, tension = 10.4 spi. Chest = 38 inches (he has the physique of a youth and worn tight). Yoke height 15 meshes = 15 x 14 sts = 210 sts = 14 inches (to the shouder) which is rather tall.
        Simple name photograph
        Full name b/w studio photograph
        Reference number CRRMU : CP1753
        Note Copied 1986 by 5x4 negative. Possibly taken at Grimsby. Photo by Hellis and Sons, London-based photographers who had many studios.
        Type digitised image
        Result pattern chart
        Person charted by by : Warren, Martin
        Person swatch knitted by : Smith, Val
        Date 9.8.2019
        Reference number GP52_chart.pdf
    Documentation group  
        Link shering.html
    Recorder Warren, Martin : 9.8.2019
    Notes It was originally thought that father and son's ganseys were identical but close examination shows a small variation. The columns of motifs are slightly differently offset, with Jack's chevrons being evenly spaced between the points of the meshes while Jacob's has one set of chevrons only slightly above the point of the meshes and the other slightly above half way between the meshes..