Record number GP47
        Simple name gansey pattern
        Full name cables & herringbone & diagonal bars & moss stitch & vertical & indigenous
        Other name Edie Middleton knitted for Strangers' Hall
        Classified name 4.151.721
            System SHIC
        Brief description Gansey pattern, herringbone or diagonal bars bisected by a cable, which has no outside border stitches, alternating with moss stitch columns, from a Sheringham style gansey that was knitted for Strangers' Hall Museum, Norwich in 1956 by Edie Middleton, a celebrated knitter in Sheringham
        Corporate body commisioned by : Strangers' Hall Museum
        Date 1956
        Place & Sheringham & Norfolk
        Activity fishing
        Note Intended as a representative example of a typical Sheringham gansey, although nothing like this is known from Sheringham.
        Method hand knitted
        Person knitter : Middleton, Edith Blanche ("Edie", nee Holsey)
            Address Regis Place, Sheringham
            Birth place & Hindolveston & Norfolk
            Birth date 1878
            Death date 1961
            Death place  
        Date 1956
        Place & Sheringham & Norfolk
        Technical data 12 spi, 17 rpi
            Note3 tension
        Note Mini biography in 'Sheringham Ganseys' by Taylor et al, Sheringham Museum, 2017. She was paid 4-0-0 for knitting the gansey. A letter commisioning the gansey and her reply are preserved in the Norfolk Museums Service records. (scan o these held at Sheringham Museum).This pattern is probably unique, as it was knitted specificaly for Norwich City Museums but it is typical of the style in that the yoke pattern alternates two motifs A, B, A, B etc. The herringbone has a centre of an un-bounded rope which is not known in Sheringham ganseys otherwise but similar patterns do appear on a Whitby fisherman (Frank Meadow Sutcliffe photograph) and in Polperro (Lewis Harding photograph).
        Simple name sweater
        Full name gansey
        Reference number NWHCM : 1956.99
        Note Norfolk Museums Service
        Type digitised image
        Result pattern chart
        Person charted by : Warren, Martin
        Date 12.3.2019
        Reference number GP47_chart.pdf
    Documentation group  
        Link shering.html
    Recorder Warren, Martin : 19.11.2017