Record number GP18
        Simple name gansey pattern
        Full name net mask & all over & commercial
        Other name Milker Little's netmask gansey
        Classified name 4.151.721
            System SHIC
        Brief description Gansey pattern, net mask pattern, worn by 'Milker' Little, Sheringham fisherman, 1923
        Nature wearer
        Person fisherman : Little, Milker
        Place & Sheringham & Norfolk
        Activity fishing
        Date 1923
        Method hand knitted
        Person knitter :
        Date 1923 (pre)
        Technical data 8.5 spi
            Note3 tension
        Simple name photograph
        Full name glass plate negative
        Reference number CRRMU : 2008.14.280
            Institution3 Norfolk Museums Service (Cromer Museum)
        Note by Olive Edis
        Type digitised image
            Institution3 Norfolk Museums Service (Cromer Museum)
        Result pattern chart
        Person : Warren, Martin
        Reference number GP18_chart.pdf
    Documentation group  
        Link shering.html
    Recorder Warren, Martin : 19.11.2017
    Notes Note that this gansey has no shoulder strap. Instead there is a single rig where back and front are grafted together. The pattern was orginally charted as plain diamonds but re-assessed in the light of charting GP57 Alma West's gansey wherby the intersections have four purls which are visible on close examination in the photograph. This is one of three examples of this identical pattern encountered so far and lends support to the idea that these were commercially produced (hand-knitted) rather than home made and so may not be of Sheringham.origin.