Record number GP100
        Simple name gansey pattern
        Full name meshes & double moss & vertical & indigenous
        Other name Harry Billy West's meshes and double moss gansey by Eliza Tabitha West
        Classified name 4.151.721
            System SHIC
        Brief description Gansey pattern, Eliza Tabitha West's meshes and double moss gansey for Harry Billy West
        Person fish merchant : West, Henry William (Harry Billy)
        Place & Sheringham & Norfolk
        Activity fishing
        Date 1930 = 1939 (1930s)
        Note Harry Billy must have been quite young, or a very small man, as this is only a 34 inch chest
        Method hand knitted
        Person knitter : West, Eliza Tabitha (née Little)
            Birth date  
            Birth place & & Yorkshire
            Death date  
            Death place  
        Date 1930 = 1939 (1930s)
        Place & Sheringham & Norfolk
        Technical data 11.5 spi
            Note3 tension (measured)
        Note The late Hazel Cheney (25 Demorley Garth, Sheringham): She was Eliza Tabitha West's graddaughter, and says in an oral history recording that Eliza travelled to Great Yarmouth with others from Sheringham to see friends they had made among the Scots herring lasses and they exchanged knitting ideas, including the use of the leather knitting belt and the buttoned neck (as seen in this gansey). On the inside, there are 23 ends where relatively short lengths of yarn have been joined and some of them have been sewn in very neatly. . This shows that she was thrifty and was using up the ends of 24 balls of wool to make this gansey. This an important point of similarity with the gansey GP90, which also uses short ends, all very neatly sewn in and is also thought to have been knitted by Eliza West.
        Simple name gansey
        Full name  
        Reference number SHMMT : 2017.2
        Note Beautifully knitted very fine gansey in 3-ply worsted; excellent condition. One inch welt k2p2. 15 meshes high. 3 rigs at the start of the yoke. Nine meshes wide, 10 double moss columns. Double false seam of garter stitch. Chest 34 inches. Height 20 inches. Sleeve 16.75 inches.
        Part:dimen:reading chest : circumference : 34 inches
        Part:dimen:reading : weight : 532 g
        Part:dimen:reading sleeve : length : 16.75 inches
        Type pattern chart
        Type digitised image
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        Result pattern chart
        Person charted by : Warren, Martin
        Person swatch knitted by :
        Type sampler
        Corporate body for :
        Person knitted by :
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        Class pattern chart
        Reference number GP100_chart.pdf
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        Note Taped conversation with Hazel Cheney on ganseys; St Joseph's Road, Sheringham, Norfolk; talking with Martin Warren, curator of Cromer Museum; asking what made her go into the wool business; she had learnt to knit at 12, grandmother Eliza Tabitha West and two aunts who knitted; two gansey knitters next door to grandmother; Sarah Ann and Betsy Spruce who knitted all the time; between them and her grandmother she knitted her first jumper for herself at 12 years of age
        Reference number CRRMU : TR4
        Reference number TR4 Part 1.mp3
        Reference number TR4 Part 2.mp3
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        Reference 20211008_144228.jpg
            Note3 Snapshot of a hand drawn chart by Martin Warren, Cromer Museum, file of notes on Ganseys
    Recorder Warren, Martin : 22.2.2023
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        Status2 validated
        Date 1.4.2023