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Brewing in 2016

Wooden yeast ring used for preserving yeast in Norway etc

The year began with the bottling of the Norwegian Farmhouse ale, a strong maltøl inspired by a trip to Norway in September 2015, and as I write I am am still bottling the Imperial Austrian Porter called the Tragic Empress after its year-long lagering in a French red wine barrel. But despite this there is a resolution in my mind to start brewing less alcoholic beers. It's not just the exhortation of the Chief Medical Officer or the new Government guidelines but it is time I had something lighter to drink myself and my customers have been asking too. I think I have proven a point, that I can brew and deliver a drinking experience above the expectations of customers, using alcoholic strength, hopping rate and so on. I have found my feet now. I've served an apprenticeship of sorts and now I feel that I am now a journeyman, still learning my craft but continuously expanding and broadening my experience. I'm listening to the likes of Ben Thompson at the Plasterers Arms who says I can still sell lighter beers at the prices I have to to sustain the business, if the style and quality is right. He'd like to see me do proper Berliner Weisse. The Lost World was a great success, despite being as very strange style. I must brew Smokehouse Porter again because people are asking for it and I ought to give Hawkey Frolic a second chance too. But I am going to play around with those "lawnmower beers", the thirst-quenching saisons, with a wild edge and maybe try some more herbs and spices (in a subtle way). I've also promised to make a beer for the Norfolk Walking Festival, so that needs to be down the alcololic scale, a thirst-quencher, and definitely a pale. So much to brew and so little time...

I shall build on everything I have learned on my journey and will be returning to beers that I have brewed before and brew them again, with a twist that is based on the experience first time around, or influenced by something I have come across, be it a yeast, an adjunct or some technique. I am looking forward to this year. Who knows what adventures it will bring. Will I finally take up the invitation to go to Brooklyn? Will I delve deeper into Scandinavian brewing tradition? Will I get to taste gose in Leipzig? Will selling through Eebria work out? Watch out for the Geology and Beery Walks - combining my two businesses of brewing and tour guide to the local environment.

Whatever happens, I think it is going to be another exciting year. I can't wait.

Martin Warren, The Poppyland Brewer: 10.1.2016

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